People In The News A Mistrial In Britney Spears Quot Driving Case

The criminal driving-without-a-license case against Britney Spear in Los Angeles was rejected. Tuesday, a mistrial was declared when jurors couldn t come with a unanimous decision after two days of deliberations. Jurors were locked 10-2 in favor of acquittal Spear, who faced jail time if convicted..

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Joe Out Of Step With Ellen

DEMOCRATIC Veep hope Joe Biden wisely avoided dancing on a recent episode of Ellen Degenere chat show, but it was not Barack t able to escape as his request during a ribbon for the show last Tuesday. L Anointed reported grooved (awkwardly) for the sound of James Brown for 20 seconds while DeGeneres - now married to Portia de Rossi - he recalled how his wife had recently revealed that she the one who rules on the runway..

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